I’m really excited to finally announce that Bleeker has been named the official mascot of the 3rd annual National Robotics Week!

After playing a small role last year I was more than happy to make a bigger contribution this year and showcase this great event in the comic. Starting April 7th, look for a full week of comics as Bleeker and the gang explore all the events and festivities!

National Robotics Week (April 7-15th) is a week of special events across the US that demonstrate robotic research and technologies. It is also meant to educate and inspire students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) Of course the best way to do all this is by having fun! Visit the NRW website for all of the Robot Block Parties, Robot Rumbles, Competitions and Open Houses

NRW is spearheaded by the iRobot Corporation which is famous for their robot vacuum cleaners, the Roomba (Karl’s kind of people!) iRobot is based out of Bedford, Massachusetts and they build a full roster of robots for consumers and the military. They have been great to work with and hopefully we can do more in the future with their educational outreach programs into schools. Thanks Lisa, Cara and everyone else at iRobot!

For National Robotics Week gear visit the store and prints are available of each day’s comic (check out the middle button under the comic)

It’s a real honor to have Bleeker represent National Robotics Week! If this gang of robots can play an active role in making S.T.E.M. subjects more accessible and interesting to students then I am positively thrilled! I hope everyone has a great week and be sure to send in pictures if you attend some of the events. I’ll try and get them all posted up here for everyone to enjoy.

Visit the National Robotics Week homepage for full details.

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7 thoughts on “NATIONAL ROBOTICS WEEK 2012!

  1. Congratulations! This news ROCKS! I have been following Bleeker on GoComics (or uComics… or whatever they call themselves now) since you started. This is great news indeed, and well deserved for your work in helping bring robots more into the mainstream. Simply AWESOME!!!

  2. congratulations, jonathan…i’ve been a follower of your strip for over a year and i think bleeker makes the perfect mascot for the event.

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