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Seven Years!

SevenYearsThat’s right…Bleeker launched online 7 years ago this week……s-seven?….yowza!  The little guy sure packs a long lasting battery!

In July 2006, after months of drawing and writing I decided to post Bleeker (then called Hoover) online. It was my first web comic and I wasn’t sure what to expect…from the readers and from myself. Continue reading

3D Printed Bleeker Bot!

BleekPrint1I’ve always wanted to have 3D version of Bleeker. Back when I first started sketching him, I thought a lot about how he would move and go together. Even though no real life robot moves like Bleeker (…yet) I wanted his components to all work and move in a believable way. By the time I was done and I had the character you see today, I could visualize a working BLKR-501 model. I have played around with clay models and converting tin cans (I even found a kitchen garbage can that had the right proportions and lid) but they always had that cobbled together look. Continue reading

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