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Don’t Mess With Winter!

SnowSkullThis was a pretty relaxing trek through the bush up until I saw this…yikes! (My childhood of watching Scooby-Doo told me to get out outta there and get a snack! …where’s Velma?!)

Feb2014Hope it’s warm wherever you are! Spring has to show up eventually..right?

Love Your Pet Day (…really?)

KillbearI have never heard of Love Your Pet Day but there ya go. (Makes you wonder why there needs to be a reminder)

Yesterday, Relic and I drove out to Killbear Provincial Park for a snowshoe around Kilcoursie Bay. We’ve had a humdinger of a Winter here so there is a thick layer of ice on the Georgian Bay. You can pretty much walk anywhere you want…so island hopping is the way to go!

Kilcoursie BayNova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverRelic is about 16 months old now and seems to love water in its frozen state just as much as its liquid form. I wanted a water dog and I guess I got one.

KickingLast week I was in Toronto and got together with some cartooning friends for lunch…

NCSlunchAs always it was great seeing Sandra Bell-Lundy, Mike Cope, Katie Shanahan, Patricia Storms and Cathy Thorne

You can’t beat getting around a table and talking shop(…clearly we all spend too much time by ourselves!) Looking forward to the next shindig!



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