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Two New Books For The Collection

I just finished a couple of new comic books, The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists by Seth (Drawn & Quarterly) and Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol (First Second). Both were fun reads with great artwork.

The G.N.B. Double C is a look back at a fictional Canadian cartoonist organization and a tour through one of their club buildings. It’s a mix of real and imagined vintage Canadian comics (I had a Jasper the Bear t-shirt when I was a little kid) “Kao-Kuk” of the Royal Canadian Astro-men is a great example (I wish it was a real comic so I could find some back issues!) Seth does such a great job on the artwork and the design is fantastic. I enjoy just looking at the water color toning and his lettering. Drawn & Quarterly books always have a great “feel” to them and this one is no exception. Well worth picking up!

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol is another fun read. Once again, just great artwork and a story that carries you along. What always amazes me is the amount of work that goes into these books! The amount of time it takes to read them in no way compares to the hours it takes to craft them. (Fortunately, you want to go back and read them again) What’s really enjoyable about Vera’s artwork is the motion in her lines and the various expressions she captures in her characters. These characters aren’t flat, they have life (even the ghost) and it gives the story a strong pulse. A fun ride and also worth picking up!

Xmas Karl

I just finished sending off the comic for December 25th and here’s a little sneak peek of Karl’s holiday meltdown. Hard to believe we are coming up to the end of 2011 and even harder to think we’re hitting the first anniversary of Bleeker’s launch with King Features! Crazy, just crazy….

Refurb ~ A Journey ~ From Magic Fish to Dino Robot

I wanted to post this last week when Refurb was introduced back into the strip but of course I got behind and well, you know the rest…

For comic geeks who love seeing the process of how a character comes to life, this is for you. Sometimes characters float around in your brain and are doodled in the margins and on napkins for years. Refurb was created about 24 years ago but didn’t make it to the “Big Time” until 2008. He wasn’t always the loveable, malfunctioning dino-bot that we all know and love….

Back in high school, I created a character called Stinky the Magic Fish (hey, it was high school! This got big laughs in English class) He was magic because he was dead and he floated. In spite of these apparent shortcomings, he was an optimistic guy and always saw the best in life. What’s funny, is his personality has remained pretty much intact right up to the present.

A few years later he surfaced again when I started trying to get syndicated. I renamed him Fin and made him a fish who lived in a recycling box and had forgotten how to swim. (I still can’t believe this comic got rejected…”several” times.) He no longer floated and I dropped the “being dead” bit. This was 1993 and the practice of recycling was taking root so I thought it was a good fit. It wasn’t, but I was starting to get a better feel for drawing him.

Finally, I had to have that talk with myself. That talk a cartoonist has when you have to face facts and admit that a character or an idea just isn’t working. I started on some new ideas and left the fish and his friends behind….that is until about 14 years later.

In November 2007, a year and a bit into my new comic Bleeker, I was thinking of adding a third robot to the mix and look who pops up. I thought a toy dino-bot would be funny and the fish seemed to fit, both in looks and in personality.

As you can see, I started playing with names. Right off the bat I wanted him to have a malfunctioning problem. So Recall was the first shot at renaming him.

A few weeks later and in the corner of my sketchbook, I added some spikes to his back and made him more robot-like. At this stage he was still just an idea floating around. I would doodle a few little pictures and then in a couple of days add some more.

More names and different legs and feet.

About a month later he’s back. This sketch is from Christmas Eve 2007 (clearly avoiding family and drawing in my sketchbook…..or were they avoiding me?) Here he looks more dinosaur than dino-bot.

Another month goes by and he appears again. This time his legs have been replaced by wheels and I think he’s coming more into focus. I still don’t have a name but I’m beginning to think about a story for him joining the comic.

It’s now March 2008 and he’s just about ready. I hit on the name Refurb (as you can see I put a box around) settled on the arms and striped his tail. I’m not a 100% sure of his final look but overall I’m really pleased with him and looking forward to writing him into the comic.

By the end of March he was ready and joined the rest of the gang in the comic. When the comic relaunched this year I had to reintroduce the characters back into the strip. Refurb started out as Skip’s friend Lewis’s robot which made it difficult to explain why he was always over at Skip’s house. With the relaunch, I was able to sort that out so it made more sense. Sometimes a second chance at things is a real bonus and with Refurb he’s had a few!

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