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Back Home from TCAF 2011

This past weekend was the 6th Toronto Comic Arts Festival and it was another fantastic weekend (even the weather cooperated this year)

The above picture was taken early on Saturday and this was probably the last time anyone saw the floor for the rest of the weekend. It was a very busy space but everyone still managed to move through to the tables. Even though I had come with a list of people to see and books to buy, I was still ended up wandering around in a stunned state.

Last year I blamed my bad photos on my phone but this year, with better gear, I ended up with very similar pics (lesson: next year bring someone who can take decent pictures) The above blurry shot is of the Drawn & Quarterly table. It’s always a busy booth and at times looks like a fort with walls of books separating the hordes from the D&Q staff and artists. (signing above is Seth, Adrian Tomine and Chris Ware….the lineups are understandable)

Another busy table on the second floor was Top Shelf Books…actually it was just busy everywhere.

One of the great things about an event like this (and worth the travel time) is getting a chance to meet and talk to tons of fellow cartoonists. I had a chance to talk with fellow King Features cartoonists, Jay Stephens (Oh Brother!) and Rina Piccolo (Tina’s Groove and Velia, Dear) as well as NCS members Patricia Storms (The Pirate and the Penguin) and Peter Cook (Doodletronics)

Patricia Storms drawing at the Owl Kids table

And now for the goods!

Above, are most of the books I picked up at TCAF this year…my back was groaning by the end of Saturday and this explains it. Here’s the list (and yes, I know I missed a ton of “must-haves”)

Adrian Tomine, Scenes From An Impending Marriage

Graham Annable, The Book of Grickle

Benjamin Rivers, Snow

Meredith Gran, Octopus Pie, There Are No Stars In Brooklyn

Rina Piccolo, Velia, Dear

Jay Stephens, Welcome To Oddville

Patricia Storms, The Pirate and the Penguin

Kean Soo, Jellaby

Rebecca Kraatz, Snaps

Dustin Harbin, Diary Comics 1&2

Jen Wang, Koko Be Good

Pascal Girard, Reunion

The incredible tiny and great original drawing in my copy of "Reunion"

Last year my sister picked up my niece and met me at the show. This year we did the same and it’s fun to see an 11 year old roam around the tables, seeing the cartoonists and their books all in the same spot. My niece wanted to go see Raina Telgemeier (the author of Smile) even though she already had or read all of her books. Afterwards we collapsed at a nearby restaurant and drew some of our own comics on the table paper.

Many thanks to everyone at TCAF for another great year…already looking forward to next May!

Toronto Comics Arts Festival

If you’re in Toronto this weekend (May 7-8) you have to stop by the 2011  Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Sounds like another great line up of exhibitors and panels this year. I’ll be there, wandering around soaking it all in. It’s always a fun time and such a great venue at the Toronto Reference Library.

I’ll try and get some pictures to post here on Monday (and less fuzzy than last year’s pictures…like the one above….I have a new phone)

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