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Welcome Back Karl -ter

For longtime readers of the comic they will no doubt realize the comic is missing a certain crotchety vacuuming robot. Karl makes his long awaited reappearance in the strip and I’m very excited. I always felt he helped balance out the characters in the comic so I’ve had a blast re-introducing him back into the strip….and it being National Robotics Week, what a better time to bring another bot into the house?!

Tune in tomorrow to see how Skip and Karl get off on the uh, “right” foot.

Robot Block Party!

As promised, here’s the final Robot Block Party design (and I even got it done before National Robotics Week was over!)

Here are some links to Robot Block Parties this week (if I missed some let me know)

Stanford University Robot Block Party

JSC Robot Block Party

Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Museum of Science, Boston

To check out all the great events this week go to the official website..

National Robotics Week

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