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Invasive Species! Boo!

For this year’s Halloween party I went as two invasive species…the evil Zebra Mussel and the dreaded Water Milfoil! AAAHHH!

FYI always put air holes in you clam head/hat thing….can get really hot under there.

Hope everyone has a fun Halloween!

Two New Books For The Collection

I just finished a couple of new comic books, The Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists by Seth (Drawn & Quarterly) and Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol (First Second). Both were fun reads with great artwork.

The G.N.B. Double C is a look back at a fictional Canadian cartoonist organization and a tour through one of their club buildings. It’s a mix of real and imagined vintage Canadian comics (I had a Jasper the Bear t-shirt when I was a little kid) “Kao-Kuk” of the Royal Canadian Astro-men is a great example (I wish it was a real comic so I could find some back issues!) Seth does such a great job on the artwork and the design is fantastic. I enjoy just looking at the water color toning and his lettering. Drawn & Quarterly books always have a great “feel” to them and this one is no exception. Well worth picking up!

Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol is another fun read. Once again, just great artwork and a story that carries you along. What always amazes me is the amount of work that goes into these books! The amount of time it takes to read them in no way compares to the hours it takes to craft them. (Fortunately, you want to go back and read them again) What’s really enjoyable about Vera’s artwork is the motion in her lines and the various expressions she captures in her characters. These characters aren’t flat, they have life (even the ghost) and it gives the story a strong pulse. A fun ride and also worth picking up!

Xmas Karl

I just finished sending off the comic for December 25th and here’s a little sneak peek of Karl’s holiday meltdown. Hard to believe we are coming up to the end of 2011 and even harder to think we’re hitting the first anniversary of Bleeker’s launch with King Features! Crazy, just crazy….

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