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National Robotics Week 2013!

Charge those batteries and grease those gears… it’s National Robotics Week!

The gang head off to the Museum of Science and Technology for lots of robo-goodness and Karl reunites with an old flame and complains about long distance relationships….okay, it gets a little weird…

For robot events and parties happening in your area go to the NRW official website , FaceBook, or Twitter

Check out this great video by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

…and speaking of robots…

The new Roomba is working overtime around the house. The problem is, I can’t help watching it work(…which defeats the purpose of having an autonomous robot clean your floors!) Very cool watching it zigzag around a room and navigate obstacles! And boy does it clean…

…and I thought that room was clean…?!  Guess the dog will keep it employed for a long time ;)

R and R

There’s a robot in tha’ house! Every dog owner’s other best friend…a Roomba! Thanks to iRobot we’re test driving a Roomba 650…and after a few sniffs and a lick Relic seems pleased with his new pal. Of course we’ll see how they get along after the battery gets charged up;) I think we’ll call him “Karl 2″. Stay tuned for some video….

Thanks iRobot!

National Robotics Week 2013!

It’s almost that time of year again…National Robotics Week kicks off April 6th and runs to April 14th. It should be another great year of robots and robotic focused events.

Bleeker is once again thrilled to be the official mascot and above is the 2013 logo! Get all your Bleeker NRW gear in the shop and get all duded up for the annual bot party!

The NRW strips will start on the 6th but the storyline begins the week before…love is in the air this year so look for it starting April 1st…

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