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Cave Conference

Cave1Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on Autodesk’s Cave Conference in Las Vegas on December 1st. Here’s the post from their web site…

“This is an exciting, new conference hosted by Autodesk. CAVE Conference will bring together a spectrum of artists, designers, and storytellers to explore and celebrate the fundamental spirit that traverses these creative domains and disciplines. December 2nd will deliver a full day of keynote speeches, seminars and networking sessions from world renown artists & designers sharing their methods and sources of creativity.”


Autodesk’s Chris Cheung organizes these events and they are fantastic. I attended one in Toronto about a year and a half ago and left with the creative part of my brain buzzing. Cave is on a much grander scale and features an incredible list of speakers including Neil Gaiman and John Cleese. If you’re in a creative field and are looking for a powerful hit of inspiration then register for Cave…the experience will stay with you long after the conference is over.

Seven Years!

SevenYearsThat’s right…Bleeker launched online 7 years ago this week……s-seven?….yowza!  The little guy sure packs a long lasting battery!

In July 2006, after months of drawing and writing I decided to post Bleeker (then called Hoover) online. It was my first web comic and I wasn’t sure what to expect…from the readers and from myself. Continue reading

3D Printed Bleeker Bot!

BleekPrint1I’ve always wanted to have 3D version of Bleeker. Back when I first started sketching him, I thought a lot about how he would move and go together. Even though no real life robot moves like Bleeker (…yet) I wanted his components to all work and move in a believable way. By the time I was done and I had the character you see today, I could visualize a working BLKR-501 model. I have played around with clay models and converting tin cans (I even found a kitchen garbage can that had the right proportions and lid) but they always had that cobbled together look. Continue reading

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