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National Robotics Week 2013!

Charge those batteries and grease those gears… it’s National Robotics Week!

The gang head off to the Museum of Science and Technology for lots of robo-goodness and Karl reunites with an old flame and complains about long distance relationships….okay, it gets a little weird…

For robot events and parties happening in your area go to the NRW official website , FaceBook, or Twitter

Check out this great video by the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

…and speaking of robots…

The new Roomba is working overtime around the house. The problem is, I can’t help watching it work(…which defeats the purpose of having an autonomous robot clean your floors!) Very cool watching it zigzag around a room and navigate obstacles! And boy does it clean…

…and I thought that room was clean…?!  Guess the dog will keep it employed for a long time ;)

R and R

There’s a robot in tha’ house! Every dog owner’s other best friend…a Roomba! Thanks to iRobot we’re test driving a Roomba 650…and after a few sniffs and a lick Relic seems pleased with his new pal. Of course we’ll see how they get along after the battery gets charged up;) I think we’ll call him “Karl 2″. Stay tuned for some video….

Thanks iRobot!

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