Summer Kicks Off

RelicPosingSummer has begun finally and I have to say the new Cintiq Companion is perfect for working outside (bugs permitting) Here’s Relic posing for me as I draw Karl having a laugh (actually this Sunday comic is for the last weekend of August…so Summer is already over in the comic…boo-hoo)

The Companion has been very handy and being able to work anywhere has been great. The small screen size does limit you a bit but that’s a fair trade off for the mobility. I know many people have complained about the battery life but once again I feel it’s not bad considering…also, usually it’s not hard to find a plug-in.

Fox SnakeFox Snake…and it wouldn’t be Summer without critters! Here’s a good sized Fox Snake which flat out refused to get off the road. Such attitude! Geez, you try and help some people!

Wacom Cintiq Companion

CintiqCThis new Wacom Cintiq Companion arrived today! I hate to add another screen to my life but I also hate getting stuck inside with the desktop(especially during the Summer) My friend Mike Cope picked up one and says it’s fantastic.

I’m still setting it up but I’ll let you know how it goes once I’ve had a chance to play around with it. So far I like the size and it seems quick. I haven’t used Windows since XP so that’s the hardest part right now…oh boy. If any of you have used one, let me know what you think and share some Windows tips ;)

More to come…