Summer Kicks Off

RelicPosingSummer has begun finally and I have to say the new Cintiq Companion is perfect for working outside (bugs permitting) Here’s Relic posing for me as I draw Karl having a laugh (actually this Sunday comic is for the last weekend of August…so Summer is already over in the comic…boo-hoo)

The Companion has been very handy and being able to work anywhere has been great. The small screen size does limit you a bit but that’s a fair trade off for the mobility. I know many people have complained about the battery life but once again I feel it’s not bad considering…also, usually it’s not hard to find a plug-in.

Fox SnakeFox Snake…and it wouldn’t be Summer without critters! Here’s a good sized Fox Snake which flat out refused to get off the road. Such attitude! Geez, you try and help some people!