Will Roberts Weekly Telegram Interview!

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of talking with Will Roberts on his Weekly Telegram Radio Show. He’s a very funny guy and it was a lot of fun (Of course, I thought I would post it later, after all of the holiday hoopla…and now, somehow, it’s over a month later….and that’s why we cartoonists have deadlines people!)

You can check it out here… (I come in around the 21:18 mark)


…and make sure to visit his main site at http://willrobertsweeklytelegram.com/ or check him out on Twitter at


Suddenly Snow…

Rabbit2014_2We have been getting a lot of early snow around these parts. Got a picture of this fella a few days ago…who also seemed to have been caught off guard by the landscape color change.(So far he’s only managed a white eye mask)

Another foot is called for tomorrow…yeeesh!