Found Stuff 2

FoundPadCleaned out some old coats this week and found this old note pad in a pocket from 1997 (guess I should sort stuff more often…)

The bird (a blue heron design) was for a 8′ high, carved black cherry, front entry door commission. The log boy was, I think, for a “logging in to a computer/network” comic/ad.

Not pictured, are the old gum wrappers, chewed up pencil stubs and plastic bags…so, where’s the $20 bill everyone else finds when they clean stuff out?

Found Stuff, Part 1

IMG_3695I thought I’d start a new post of Found Stuff after coming across a few things today. This tiny plastic army man (no doubt my brother’s) is most likely around 40 years old. (can’t beat plastic, eh) He’s held up really well hiding out on my grandfather’s workbench…but that leg has to be cramping up by now. Continue reading

Will Roberts Weekly Telegram Interview!

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of talking with Will Roberts on his Weekly Telegram Radio Show. He’s a very funny guy and it was a lot of fun (Of course, I thought I would post it later, after all of the holiday hoopla…and now, somehow, it’s over a month later….and that’s why we cartoonists have deadlines people!)

You can check it out here… (I come in around the 21:18 mark)


…and make sure to visit his main site at or check him out on Twitter at


Suddenly Snow…

Rabbit2014_2We have been getting a lot of early snow around these parts. Got a picture of this fella a few days ago…who also seemed to have been caught off guard by the landscape color change.(So far he’s only managed a white eye mask)

Another foot is called for tomorrow…yeeesh!