Bleeker Reboot…


First off…Happy New Year everyone!

Yesterday’s comic saw Bleeker suffer a nasty ‘Fatal System Error’ so, unfortunately, there won’t be a new comic today. In fact, it’ll be about a week before we can get this bot running again and find out if he’s okay 😉

In truth, there are some changes going on in Bleekerland. Yesterday’s comic was the last comic with King Features Syndicate. After 5 years, Bleeker, like many new strips these days, had a hard time securing newspaper sales. Even though most folks read their comics online, newspapers still make up the bulk of income for syndicated comics. So the math quickly adds up…or doesn’t.

On the positive side, the crew at King were all fantastic to work with and I’ll miss being part of that team. Many thanks to everyone there and the continued support over the past few years. I started Bleeker online in July of 2006, but these past 5 years working on a print syndication deadline have taught me a lot and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

So, Bleeker will go on…just like before! The comic will still be in print with existing clients overseas and updated, six days a week, online. The website url, will remain the same but the host will change…so please update your cookies, links and all that jazz, when the new site launches (in the next day or two) Hopefully, there will be time now to take Bleeker and Skip on some longer form adventures I’ve been playing with. I think there are some exciting possibilities to explore so please stay tuned!

Last of all, thanks to all of you readers out there! You guys make this fun and keep me going. This reboot should be ready to launch soon so keep watching…

27 thoughts on “Bleeker Reboot…

  1. bubbleawsome

    Glad to see bleeker will be carrying on! This has been my home page for a long time, and I’m always glad to see it. Looking forwards to 2016!

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks BA! Hopefully 2016 will be great for you as well!

  2. James

    Will the archive still be available? I was working my way through the old ones, trying to catch up.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Hi James, yes the archive will be back up in a short while. Hopefully you know where you left off and will be able to pick it up from there. Thanks for reading!

      1. Hart

        I had the same question. Glad to know the archives will return. I was in 2013 catching up. I’m also looking forward to reading the older ones before 2011 on GoComics.
        Love Bleeker! Glad I discovered him!

        1. MahonathanComic

          Thanks! Yes, they’ll be posted soon. Unfortunately, each comic has to be edited individually so…we’re getting there 🙂

  3. Sindy

    Jonathan, thank you for bringing such a unique, funny, and adventurous strip to our lives. I actually discovered the strip about a year back and went back and read all the strips from day one. Always brought a smile to my face; glad to see it will go on (I thought there was a problem with the website when I didn’t see a new strip yesterday, lol).

    Wishing you all the best in 2016 and beyond.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks Sindy! Glad to hear you liked it and thanks for your kind words. Things are getting shuffled around here but should be good soon.
      I hope you have a great 2016 as well!

  4. Gordonne

    I read this on Comics Kingdom, will it still be available there?

    1. MahonathanComic

      Hi Gordonne
      Sorry, it won’t be available on Comics Kingdom anymore. I will have new comics up soon, so please check back for details.

  5. KLO

    Love Bleeker, so glad to know he will be coming back! Love him so much I wish I had a Bleeker all my own!

    1. MahonathanComic

      Hey thanks KLO! I wish I had a real Bleeker too!
      If they can make a real BB8, a Bleeker can’t be that hard, right?;)

  6. Mark

    I’ve always left Bleeker for last when reading the comics.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks Mark! Should have some news about future Bleeker strips soon

  7. I’m really glad you’re continuing Bleeker. I’d be pretty distraught without him around. I see that Gil is on GoComics now. Maybe there’s a chance GoComics will also run Bleeker? Fingers crossed! I’m also looking forward to the longer form stories. I could always feel you kind of stretching for that and now you’ll be able to do it. I think it will be very well received on the web!

    Here’s to the next five years!

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks Brad! Very kind!

  8. Bleeker is longer with King.

    Long function Bleeker!

    Very much looking forward to the longer form adventures, which have a glorious history in comics.

    I have absolutely no doubt that the best is yet to come.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks Bill!

  9. Bleeker is moving into the future along with the comics biz. Congrats.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks Tom!

  10. Ray

    A great comic and have read it from the beginning. I thought King comics was a good place. The format is very good and I cannot understand why you left there to come to a place that mucks people about so much.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Hey, thanks for sticking with the comic from the start Ray! Unfortunately, my deal with King was for print and not enough newspapers bought it to keep it going there. Thanks again!

  11. Ray

    Yes can understand that now. Did not realise how Syndicates work for the artist. It’s the same with comics here in Australia. The papers used to put on a 4 page spread of comics, now it is only half a page with 8 tiny strips and no Sundays at all. Hope all works well here so that we can enjoy your comics for a long time.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Yeah, the same thing is happening in North America…sad but they keep shrinking the comics page. It’s bizarre, since that’s how kids start reading the paper and buy it later in life.

  12. John Tiesworth

    I love and prefer the Comics Kingdom format to Geo Comics, especially if I’m going back and reading a year or more of a comic. But Bleeker is well done enough that I will go there every 3 – 4 months and catch up. From the art work to the consistency of the character development to the writing in general, Bleeker is a very well done strip!
    Thank you for making your life’s work available for all! I appreciate your talent and what you do.

    1. MahonathanComic

      Thanks John! Glad you dig it, that means a lot!

  13. Thaddeus Martin

    You really need to have Bleeker on another site besides Gocomics

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