About the Characters

Given as a birthday gift to Skip from his parents, Bleeker is a different breed of dog altogether. He is a rechargeable dog, who can play fetch and do tricks like any other dog … but only after an eight-hour charge. Bleeker is a walking cell phone, iPod, camera, printer, smoke detector, global positioning system and scanner all rolled into one nifty device/gadget.
website-SkipHeadshotSkip is your average 10-year-old boy with an above average dog. Enthusiastically clumsy, Skip is easily excited and somewhat prone to accidental mishaps. He longs for the day when he finally proves to his parents that he can handle the responsibility of taking care of a pet. Until then, Skip treats Bleeker like a real dog, in spite of his low battery life and quirky operating system.
website-LilaHeadshotLila is Skip’s other best friend and neighbor. While Bleeker operates on batteries, Lila runs on pure adrenaline. She is a tomboy who excels at sports and loves to skateboard. Smarter and more coordinated than Skip, she stands by stoically as he learns to understand and program his remote-controlled yet loyal companion.
website-KarlSpot2Karl is a domestic cleaning robot that resides in the Smalls residence. He is very focused on his vacuuming responsibilities and gets very cranky when circumstances and/or people (i.e. the often clueless and very messy Skip) interfere with his ability to do his primary function. Karl rarely leaves the house, so he enjoys robot shop-talk with Bleeker.