Bleeker Reboots…on GoComics!



I’m very pleased to announce…all new Bleeker comics will launch on GoComics, this Monday, January 11th!

The strips will run Monday to Saturday, with the occasional special Sunday page thrown in. The complete 5 year archive will also be available…as soon as I can get it all loaded 🙂  (it’s coming, I promise…that’s 1,825 comics you know!)

Bleeker got his start with GoComics back in 2006, so it feels great to be back! Even though you can read the comics for free, make sure you head over and sign up for a GoComics Pro account. For only $11.88/per year you get a daily email of all your favorite comics, unlimited access to all of the archives and no annoying advertising pop-ups. Plus, you help support all the cartoonists on the site…not bad for less than a dollar per month!

So, if you’ve been needing your daily Bleeker update, it all starts this Monday! As soon as the new page is up, I will post the link here. See you guys over there!